TT Full Form: – If you travel inside India then it would be very appropriate for you to travel by India Railway. Because through this you can travel a long way in a very low fare. But every day many peoples travel without taking tickets in India Railways. Because of which the Railways sometimes incurs losses, that is why the posts of TT are selected by the Railways.

Whose duty it is to impose fines on people traveling in trains without tickets. Therefore, TT job is also a status filled job. Therefore, if you also want to get a job in Indian Railways, then TT job can be a best option for you. Some information related to which like – Full Form of TT, What is TT, How to become TT? Has been shared about.


TT (Travelling Ticket Examiner) is an important post of Group A of Indian Railways. On which it is the responsibility of the person working to ask for tickets from the passengers present in the train and find such people who are traveling without tickets and take legal action by imposing fine on them.

So that someone else should be afraid to travel without a ticket in the train. Apart from this, providing first kit in medical emergency and providing seats to the passengers present in the waiting list are also part of TT.

Other TT Full Forms

TT full form in train and railway

In the context of trains and railways, “TT” can have different meanings depending on the specific context. Here are two common interpretations:

1. Train Timetable: TT can stand for “Train Timetable,” which refers to a schedule or plan that outlines the arrival and departure times of trains at various stations along a railway route. Train timetables are essential for passengers and railway operators to ensure smooth and organized train services.

2. Traveling Ticket Examiner: TT can also stand for “Traveling Ticket Examiner.” In some railway systems, a Traveling Ticket Examiner is a railway official responsible for checking passengers’ tickets, ensuring they are valid, and assisting with ticket-related matters during a train journey.

TT full form in medical

In the medical field, “TT” can have various full forms depending on the context. Two common interpretations are:

1. Thrombin Time: TT can stand for “Thrombin Time,” which is a laboratory test used to assess the function of the clotting factors in a person’s blood. Thrombin is an enzyme involved in the blood clotting process, and Thrombin Time measures how long it takes for a blood sample to form a clot when thrombin is added to it. This test is often used to diagnose and monitor bleeding disorders.

2. Tetanus Toxoid: TT can also stand for “Tetanus Toxoid,” which is a component of the tetanus vaccine. Tetanus is a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection, and the tetanus toxoid is a vaccine that helps protect against it. It induces immunity to the toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, which causes tetanus.

TT full form in chat

In the context of online chat and messaging, “TT” is often used as an abbreviation for “Time To Talk.” It’s a way of suggesting or inviting someone to start a conversation or engage in a discussion. For example, if someone says “TT?” in a chat, they are asking if it’s a good time to talk or if the other person is available for a conversation.

TT full form in slang

In certain online slang or gaming contexts, “TT” can also be used to represent crying eyes or tears. It’s often used in response to something sad or emotional. In this context, “T” represents a closed eye, and the repeated “T”s resemble closed eyes with tears streaming down.

For example:

– “That movie was so touching, I was TT.”

– “I’m feeling TT right now because I lost the game.”

It’s important to note that online slang and its meanings can evolve rapidly, and the interpretation of “TT” may vary depending on the platform and community where it’s used.

TT full form in banking

In banking, “TT” can stand for “Telegraphic Transfer.” A Telegraphic Transfer is a method of electronically transferring funds from one bank account to another, often across international borders. It is a secure and efficient way to send money, and it is also known as a wire transfer or bank transfer. TTs are commonly used for international trade, business transactions, and sending money to individuals in different countries.

Difference between TT and TTE

If you have any confusion between TT and TTE, then let us tell you that there is no difference between TT and TTE because TTE itself is called TT in short form, whose full form is Traveling Ticket Examiner.

How to become TT?

We have already told you that TT job is a respectable and prestigious job, due to which many youths are dreaming of becoming TT (Travelling Ticket Examiner). So let us tell you that when the posts of TT are vacant in Indian Railway, then recruitment is done for which you can apply online.

And the written examination will be conducted by the department on a fixed date. If you pass it then you will be called for medical test. And here also if you prove to be successful then you will be selected for the post of TT.

Educational Qualification to become a TT

If you want to apply for the post of TT, then you must have passed 12th examination from any board with minimum 50% marks. Apart from this, if you have any other degree or diploma, then you can apply for the post of TT.

Age limit to become TT

The age limit for becoming a TT by the Indian Railways has been kept at 18 to 25 years. But some special caste categories like – SC, ST and OBC categories get an additional relaxation of 2 to 5 years in the age limit.

TT’s salary and facilities

If any youth is reading about TT or wants to become TT, then the first question comes in his mind that how much is the monthly salary of TT or what are the facilities for us and our family after making TT. Will meet. So let us tell you that the monthly salary of TT is 9400 to 34800 rupees and you get a pass on making TT.

With the help of which you and your family members can travel for free by rail across the country and apart from this you and your family members also get free medical facilities.

Promotion after making TT

If a person is selected on TT, then further promotion can also be done on any higher post like – Ticket Inspector, Head Ticket Collector, Senior Collector, Chief Ticket Inspector etc. Promotion is done on the basis of performance.

Q: What is the minimum education required to become TT?

A: To make TT, a person must have passed at least 12th.

Q: What is the full form of TT?

A: Travelling Ticket Examiner.

Q: What is the full form of TT in Train?

A: TT stands for Train Timetable.    

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